About the Company


Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ” was established 01/08/1964. Its first specialized in creation of liquid rocket engines including the low thrust liquid rocket engines, and then the development of space aircraft propulsion systems. One of the first liquid rocket engines, created by “SOYUZ”, was P201-300 engine for Kh-22 anti-ship missile. 

Two completely new design concepts, developed by “SOYUZ”, allowed the spacecraft vehicles to conduct a long guided flight and maneuver on the orbit. The concept is based on the following:

- Numerous liquid low thrust rocket engines with the thrust from 0,04 kgf to 40 kgf, that allowed to increase power loading of spacecraft orientation, stabilization and adjustment in more than 5 times.

- Spherical fuel tanks with metal expulsion diaphragm which provide the reliable engine fuel supply in zero-gravity state and guaranteed separation of pressurizing gas and liquid fuel during long-term space operation.

The further development of the reliable fuel system involved the creation of cylinder fuel tanks with metal bellows pressurizing, that significantly increased structure capabilities of different space vehicles.

Numerous special design solutions were implemented during the development of spacecraft.  

Engines and propulsion systems by the company “SOYUZ” took part in the following prestige programs:

- Space intercept;

- Global naval reconnaissance;

- Early warning of ballistic missile blast-off;

- Spacecraft take-off from the Earth man-made satellite’s intermediate orbit to the Moon and other Solar system planets;

- Moon flyby and shooting of its hidden side;

- Expedition for moon soil;

- The delivery of Lunokhods (RussianЛуноход» Moonwalker) to the Moon;

- The stabilization of orbital manned space station “Almaz”;

- The stabilization of space plane counterpart called “BOR”;

- Stationary orbit adjustment for communication satellites “Gran’”(Russian, Грань), “Ekran” (Russian Экран, “Screen”), and “Gorizont” (Russian Горизонт, “Horizon”), that allowed to solve the problem of broadcasting in those Russian regions where it hadn’t been available before.

The next step of the company’s work involved the creation of afterburners and variable nozzles for air-breathing engines and ramjets. Within a framework of such creation the design of afterburner and fully variable nozzles for RD-33 engine used in the Mikoyan MiG-29 was developed. There were two new ideas carried out for the first time: carburant stage of fuel supply to afterburner and positional control of nozzle throat and nozzle exit sections with the help of two closed bunches of cylinders. Fully variable nozzle was created for Soloview D-30 engine used in the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 interceptor.

The next step in the development of air-breathing area was the creation of ramjet for supersonic cruise missiles. Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ” was the first to implement the concept of positioning the solid propellant booster within the ramjet’s combustion chamber. After the booster finishes its work, its casing is ejected from ramjet combustion chamber by ram air. Due to the high energetic features and wide operating range of missile with ramjet, the “SOYUZ” developments have no parallels in the world. Such engines are:

- 3Д81 and 3Д83 for P-270 Moskit and 3M82 Moskit M cruise missile system;

- 31ДП for Kh-31 “air-to-surface” supersonic cruise missile system;

- ramjet used in “Koala” (Russian, ГЭЛА) hypersonic experimental flying laboratory that capable to cruise at Mach 4.5

In the end of 1980s Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ” conducted large-scale studies on high-speed ramjets.

On the own facilities and those of TsAGI and Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development, “SOYUZ” experimentally researched the different methods of fuel delivery, optimized the combustor geometry, defined the dependence of combustion quality on injection type, air flow duct geometry and burner intake conditions.

Today, PJSC Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ” is a part of Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC what provides the stability of its activity and creates large possibilities for company’s further development.