Main activity


The main purpose of Design Bureau creation was to develop and create the low-thrust rocket engines, then, on their base power plants for space vehicles’ stabilization and adjustment.

In 1970s along with space technologies Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ” has mastered another technological area – ramjets. These engines implemented the new concept of solid-fuel rocket engines combined with autonomic casing within ramjet combustion chamber. After the rocket engine finishes its work, its casing is ejected from combustion chamber by ram air.

1991 Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau “SOYUZ” started the creation of high-speed engines for manned aircraft in accordance with the program of Russian space agency “Орел-2-1». Numerous stand tests allowed to perform unit development of air intakes, combustion chambers and nozzles in conditions that correspond to Mach numbers 3.5-7, to study fuel delivery means and burners forms, to specify the optimal geometry of combustion chamber.

There are some  unique technologies, applied by Turaevo Machine-building Design Bureau, such as:

- The serial production of low-thrust liquid rocket engines with 40g to 20 kg thrust in a vacuum and to 250000 ignitions, intended for maintenance of geo-based space vehicles, orientation and stabilization of maneuverable vehicles and space launching from the Earth’s satellite orbit to other celestial objects;

- The creation of shortest afterburners for gas-turbine engines (specifically for Mikoyan MiG-29 aircraft) in the world. Their diameter is the same as length;

- The creation of ramjets including those combined with solid propellant booster for space vehicles (inc. cruise missiles) at Mach numbers 2 to 7. Those engines were installed on Moskit complex of ship-to-ship type and Kh-31 tactical guided missile of air-to-surface type.