Counterspace defense with space vehicle “Satellite Fighter”

This counterspace system includes highly maneuverable space vehicle, launch vehicle, launching and technical bases, command and control centers.

Space vehicle ‘Satellite fighter”

The task of satellite interceptor in counterspace system was to stop active functioning of those space vehicles that are targeted.

The flight of such system consists of launch vehicle active phase, staging, space vehicle acceleration in order to reach the required orbit, trajectory correction for finding search field, target interception, approaching and cancellation of targeted space vehicle functioning.

1973 counterspace defense system “Satellite Fighter” started its actual operation and became to function as alert aircraft.

1978 system was brought in actual operation, 1993 it was taken out of commission.

Principal specifications:

Initial mass of fueled spacecraft, kg


Delta-velocity budget,m/sec


Propulsion system

Liquid rocket engine of multiple ignitions

Guaranteed service life, year


Launch vehicles

Launch system “Tsyclon-2”